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southern comfort

Southern Comfort     A Must-Read!…

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Southern Comfort



A Must-Read!


A few best-selling authors are guilty of occasionally phoning in their novels. Many authors are expected to produce a novel a year, and publishing companies count on certain authors to contribute substantially to their bottom line. What pressure! Is it any wonder that every now and then an author produces a slap-dash effort?


Best-selling author, Jodi Picoult, however is NOT one of those authors. It amazes me that she consistently writes well-plotted, well-researched page turners every year. Her latest Nineteen Minutes about a school shooting is a tour de force. She juggles dozens of points of view, yet never confuses the reader or loses the momentum of the story. Her skillful pacing makes you to want to devour the novel one sitting. Additionally her characters are so well-crafted and true-to-life she manages to make the reader feel sympathy for the shooter.


Don’t miss this one!


Link Love


This is a thoughtful article on  the future of book reviews. 


Thank goodness! Baby boomers love their books.


A Little South in Your Mouth


I’m lucky because people actually send me books! For free. And sometimes they are wonderful like More Culinary Kudzu by Keetha DePriest Reed. It has YUM Southern recipes organized by seasons  and amusing stories accompany the recipes. You’ll want to try the Hummingbird Cake (a favorite of mine), cheese straws, garlic chess grits, funnel cake, seven layer salad, tea time tassies and a whole lot more of your Southern favorites. This is the second book in a series of cookbooks and I just LOVED it. I know I don’t usually do cookbooks ‘round here, but this one was too good not to mention.


Looking Ahead


There are certain books I drool over long before they hit the shelves and the one I’m lusting over the most right now is  A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans.  First of all, it’s been compare to  The Secret History by Donna Tartt one of my ten top-favorite books of all time.


Then Publishers Weekly said “this stunning novel marks the debut of a serious talent.” Kirkus calls it “a psychological thriller that keeps the reader on edge until the last page.” Library Journal said, “this debut novel grips readers from the first chapter.”


The novel is about man who refuses to hold his newborn son because of traumas he’s experienced in the past. It debuts in May.


Fun Read of the Week


Karen Quinn, author of Ivy Chronicles has a new novel called Wife in the Fast Lane. Instead of going one a multi-city tour, Quinn asked her publisher to help subsidize a contest on her web site instead which net 750 entries but also brought over 7,000 visitors to her web site. The contest is closed but you can read about it on Quinn’s site.


Here’s an excerpt.
  • When people talk about the demise of book reviews, I have to wonder when they last cruised the internet.

    Book reviews haven't disappeared! They've just moved from critics to readers, newspapers to blogs. Some of my favorite blogs are ones that recommend and review books (like yours).

    I've always preferred finding books from friends with similar tastes rather than trusting "experts," and the blogosphere has given me an enormous circle of literary friends.
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