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southern comfort

Southern Comfort has moved to a new neighborhood. Find me at…

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Southern Comfort has moved to a new neighborhood. Find me at http://karingillespie.blogspot.com/

  • Ugh, I'll never remember to check that, lol.
    • well, the address will show up every time you go to LJ.

      I had REAL problems with them. I guess you aren't?

      • To this one. I'll have to make a note somewhere to remember lol.

        I don't know, I mostly read... it's hard to post (or have things to post ABOUT) with a 4 month old teether.
  • You're leaving just when I joined LJ, though I've been at Blogger for over two years.
    • Why did you switch? LJ is very problematic for me.
      • I just added--I wanted to write about stuff that doesn't fit in my other blog, and I wanted to do it in a different environment, for a change of scenery. Plus, I didn't necessarily want both blogs listed in the same place--if you have more than one blog at Blogger, they list them both in the profile. Blogger used to be a lot less adaptable and flexible, but they've added features and it's more stable now.

        What's the problem with LJ?
        • A bunch of glitches. The post button has gone awol. And it refused to translate some text into html. I just gave up!
          • Blogger is great with links--just do the code and it always works. Sometimes it has problems with posting, especially if you have a big blog, but overall they've gotten better.
  • Any promtingtips how make this pure design of tool site better? I need to finish it soon :(
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