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southern comfort

Southern Comfort   In “me” news I’m very pleased that…

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Southern Comfort


In “me” news I’m very pleased that my next novel Earthly Pleasures finally has publication date. February 2008 may sound like it’s very far away but it’s a mere blip in publishing time.


The novel will be published under a pen name as it’s so very different than what I have written in the past. It took me over two years to write the novel (a very looong time for me) because it was such a complicated plot and yet it’s rather short as novels go.


In deal lunch (way back in May 2005) it was described thusly: “ A hospitality greeter in Heaven crosses the dimensions to reunite with her lover on Earth.”


On another topic, it’s wonderful news that teens are buying more books that they have in decades.


Also I finished Still Life with Husband. This is one of those books that doesn’t have a very compelling hook, i.e. it’s about a woman whose bored with her marriage and has an affair.


BUT… it’s wonderfully clever and great fun to read. Very Lolly Winston or Suzanne Finnamore. Lauren Fox, the author, has such a winning style she doesn’t need a high concept plot.


On my list to read is Sloppy Firsts by Megan Mccafferty. Curious, I went searching for an  excerpt. MAN. What a distinct voice. You don’t often see something like that right off the bat. Can’t wait to read.

  • Sometimes those plots seem too cutsy and/or silly, but they obviously are good because they're not only published but have readers. So I'm not judging them, just pointing out a difference in taste.
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