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southern comfort

Southern Comfort   The GCC Presents…

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Southern Comfort


The GCC Presents  Melanie Lynne Hauser Author of Super Mom Saves the World



I love the premise of Melanie’s novels. A PTA mom has a horrible Swiffer accident and acquires super powers. The press release says she’s having lustful thoughts about Mr. Clean. (Love it!) I’m partial to the Brawny towel guy, but whatever…


Anyhoo, you know this one’s gonna be fun. Both the notoriously cranky Kirkus and Booklist gave it the thumbs up.  


Q. SUPER MOM SAVES THE WORLD is a sequel. Did you anticipate having a sequel when you wrote your first novel?  What was the writing process like?


A. No, I didn't anticipate it.  I'd written a stand alone - or so I thought.  It's an odd thing, as a writer, to be told that no, you didn't actually end the story where you thought you did.  And I admit, it was tough - the hardest thing I've had to write so far.  There are so many other people reading over your shoulder when you're writing a sequel.  And I had a couple of false starts.  But in the end, the book I wrote is a good book, I think; I'm happy with what has happened with these characters, and feel privileged to have had the chance to live with them this much longer. 


Q. You did a lot of promotional work for your first novel. Any big plans for your second? Now that you're a veteran what will you do differently this time around? 



A. I'm not doing quite so much, actually; I think I learned that there are a lot of things outside the author's control, and no matter what else you might come up with, there's just a critical point where you can't move the mountain on your own.  So hopefully I'm being smarter by concentrating on talking with independent booksellers, for example, instead of spending a ton of money on Google AdWords that really don't seem to make a difference.  I think I'm just using my time and money in a smarter way, at least I hope!  Not just randomly driving around, looking for books to sign, but making sure I'm going places where there are actually promotion and media opportunities.  Not having lots of silly contests on my website, either.  Those don't seem to make a big difference.  And while, with the paperback, I spent a lot of time on MySpace, I'm not sure that was worthwhile, at least not for the audience for my book.  So I'm not spending so much time there. 


(Although, now that I think about it, there is, currently, a silly contest on my website! And also, some Google AdWords. But I'm not spending nearly as much money & time on them as I have in the past!)


Q. What's the next for you?



A. Wish I knew!  I have a lot of ideas I'm excited about, but it's too soon to tell what's going to happen first.


Q. What's your favorite part of writing a novel? Your least favorite?


A. There's no least favorite part about writing!  That's the most important thing I've learned since being published - that the writing is IT, the reason I'm doing this.  The publishing part is much more daunting, and can be heartless, and if that's the only reason you're doing this, you're going to have a tough time.  But if you're doing it for the love of the writing, you can weather any slings and arrows that come your way


Q. How did you stumble into novel writing in the first place? Was it something you always wanted to do? 


A. I was always a voracious reader, and I suppose there was always a sense that I was good with words, and had a vivid imagination.  But I didn't always want to be a writer, no; I really wanted to go into the performing arts, and did a lot of theater.  But in my mid-thirties, when my children were a bit older, I looked around and realized that "Hey, you know - maybe I should be a writer!"  And so I started out small, writing humorous parenting essays, and working my way up to writing novels.  That was always my ultimate goal, but it was a bit intimidating, and it took me a while to get my courage up.  But once I started, I haven't stopped!  And I hope I never do.



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