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Southern Comfort

Reading Rainbow


The font is big because LJ is MESSED UP! They forget to add the post-to-journal button but I can’t complain because it’s FREE.


Enuff. Read Joe Hill’s debut and it was engaging and fun until near the end when it got over-the-top, confusing and weird. I’ve seen this in horror novels a lot. The author seems to think anything goes because, “Dude, I’m a horror novelist.”




I skimmed a lot of tedious action, gore and incomprehensible junk to get to the ending.


In other bad news, I wasn’t amused with this offering. There’s some funny stuff but it’s bogged down in backstory and a lot of non-essential scenes. And it tries too hard.


Whenever I start feeling blue about my reading material, I return to something I know is near perfect like this.


It’s like a return to sanity and order.  The equivalent of a literary Calgon bath. AHHHH! Take me away.

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